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Your Pet’s Second Best Friend



All products that we use are selected to help improve & maintain your dog’s skin & coat. The goal in grooming is not to just have your dog leaving looking cute and smelling delicious. Here we strive to further certify our knowledge of the most important protectant your pet has -her skin. We don’t want to just clean, we want to properly tend to each dog to help create a healthy & beautiful groom.

Improve your furbabys coat now by becoming apart of Handsome Jacks.

Below are listed the types of baths we have, but are not limited to. We are always finding ways to improve the process & quality tailored to your doggie. (Note: We unfortunately do not offer defleaing or deskunking. For any tips or questions please feel free to call us and we would be happy to help)  

  • Regular, scented/unscented

Your pup will leave with a clean, soft & smooth, conditioned coat (long or short) with carefully selected non-toxic shampoos & conditioners that brighten up your loved ones coat & are enriched with vitamins. 

  • Specialty Baths

Curated specifically for your pup beyond a Regular bath. We carry a variety of top brands that are designed to enhance your dogs skin/coat and leave their coat healthy and shiny.


-Color brightening/enhancing


-Nexderma Silvet or Honey Vanilla

    This is an antifungal, antimicrobial shampoo from Nexderma. It is an all-natural pet shampoo that helps clear up common skin conditions while smelling light & delicious.

  • Medicated Baths

Carefully selected for your dog using products that best fit our troubled-skin friends, whether it is hot spots, skin irritations from flea & tick infestations, or sensitive skin caused by allergies. Medicated baths include but are not limited to the following:

-Green boost (great for diluting for a mild organic medicated bath, Or used directly onto sore muscles for our senior or injured dogs)

-Herbal (great for dogs with harsh coats such as our wired-haired friends, will not strip natural oils of your pup’s coat leaving a clean & shiny manageable coat)


  • Haircuts (full cuts specific to your breed, “face, feet, & fanny” trims) (Prices vary based on breed, size & condition) 

  • Bath & Blow out

  • De-mat brushing (Prices vary on severity & time)

  • Nails (trim & grinding) ($12-$15)

  • Anal gland expression ($10)

  • Ear cleaning (ear hair removal for some breeds) ($5)

  • Teeth brushing ($10)

**All full grooms include the following**

  • Bath

  • Blow dry (No cage dryers!), & brush out 

  • Nail cutting/grinding

  • Ear cleaning

- - -if needed- - -

  • Anal gland expression

  • Haircut (breed specific full cuts or “face, feet, & fanny” trim)


Happy Pets, Unbeatable Pet Grooming


Family owned grooming salon, where we are focused on the comfort & cleanliness of your pet while maintaining a strong bond to ensure your pet has a perfect spa day! We hand pick the best products that best fits your pup’s needs so your furry loved ones have the best skin & coat around!


"Moe had his first grooming today at Handsome Jacks! Amber did an amazing job which knowing Moe was not an easy feat!
He was silky smooth, smelled amazing and his cut was exactly what I had requested.
Best of all, when I picked him up he was relaxed and calm. It was a no stress groom for him and that means no stress for me too.
Thank you Amber!" - Jojo

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